Wing Chun: Philosophy, Forms, Techniques, and Movies

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Chinese aggressive art fabricated acclaimed about the apple by the backward Bruce Lee. Ask any practitioner about what motivated them to abstraction the art, and the aggressive arts cine brilliant will accordingly be mentioned, generally eventually rather than later. Bruce Lee did a abundant annual to the apple aggressive arts association by bringing Wing Chun into the spotlight, as its aesthetics and techniques are annual alive for any fighter. In this article, we’ll yield a attending at the generally black history abaft the style, as able-bodied as the techniques and forms different to it. Let’s get started!


Not abundant is accustomed apropos the history of the art, except for the allegory told by one of its a lot of acclaimed practitioners, and Bruce Lee’s teacher, Yip Man. According to the admired grandmaster, the adventure began with the adolescent woman Yim Wing Chun, who lived in Southern China during the aeon if the Qing Dynasty destroyed the temples of the Southern Shaolin. A bounded warlord asked for her duke in alliance and she refused, cartoon his ire. Hoping to abstain his acrimony falling aloft her admired ones, she said she would amend if he could exhausted her in a fight, at a afterwards date. He accepting big and able and she baby and weak, he laughed at her challenge, accepted, and said he would activate cartoon up marriage plans.

She did not apperceive how to fight, but anon beyond paths with a Shaolin nun, and survivor of the Qing slaughter, Ng Mui. Ng Mui accomplished Wing Chun a new style, based aloft a activity amid a crane and a snake and her own adeptness of Shaolin Kung Fu. Having abstruse the art, she was able to best the warlord in a fight, ally her accurate love, abide the advance of her new aggressive art, and reside as appropriately as one realistically could in 17th aeon China.


While the exact accurateness of the agent adventure is questionable, one important detail accept to be taken from it in adjustment to actually accept the aggressive art: it was founded by a baby woman who bare to exhausted a ample man in a fight. From this acute actuality stems abounding of the techniques, aims, and purposes of Wing Chun, and accept to be kept in mind: the abundant warrior does not charge to arise fearsome, nor are they brought to activity by anger. The fighter accept to consistently be air-conditioned and level-headed, aiming not to out-muscle or out-pummel their opponent, but to use their enemy’s own backbone adjoin them. In this way, Wing Chun allows far smaller, weaker fighters to defeat larger, added able foes.

Interestingly, Wing Chun shares abounding similarities with the Japanese aggressive art Aikido in this respect.


A key to Wing Chun is able stance, as able-bodied as all of the things that go into that. The affinity generally acclimated is that one’s attitude accept to be like a section of bamboo: firm, yet flexible; rooted, but aswell yielding. External force is either deflected or redirected.

The attitude a lot of advantaged is top and narrow, with elbows kept abutting to the body. This positions the accoutrements to awning the basic organs, forth the centerline of the physique (discussed later). This attitude is inherently defensive, and this is intentional, as the key is to not acquiesce openings or betrayal weaknesses.

An important aspect of attitude is balance, as able antithesis allows the physique to antithesis faster and advance its structure. Wing Chun trains its practitioners to appropriately accept their physique and actually “feel” how its muscles, tendons, and claret work. Wing Chun forms such as Chum Kiu and use of the wooden-dummy, both to be discussed later, advice alternation the fighter appear this end.

Further, able-bodied alleviation is a critical. Anatomy charge to be airy for both abhorrent and arresting purposes. Tensed anatomy decay energy, and accommodate credibility of weakness if the adversary chooses to grab your arm. Airy anatomy are able to apply added activity in a punch, and are also, as the Chinese mystics authority it, added accessory to chi, or basic activity force.

The Centerline

The abstraction of the centerline is, if you’ll absolution the pun, axial to Wing Chun. Although there is some altercation over exact definitions and locations, the centerline is a lot of generally captivated to run angular down the centermost of the body, from the top of the arch to the abject of the groin. This is believed to be the prime aisle of Chi in the body, and accordingly abolition it with a well-aimed bite would do the a lot of damage. Consequently, Wing Chun practitioners aim to avert their own centerline while advancing their adversary as abutting to their centerline as possible.

The Centerline a lot of generally includes the eyes, nose, throat, solar plexus, stomach, pelvis, and groin.


Punches: The beeline bite is the a lot of accepted advance in Wing Chun. Knuckle accession varies, from application the top two knuckles, the average two, or the basal three for added power, generally with a axis appropriate afore the bite connects. Punches can be befuddled in accelerated succession, alleged alternation punching, which is a basic of Wing Chun. Crucially, punches are befuddled from the accept and the body, not the arm, for added adeptness and stability.

The affinity generally active in Wing Chun is the abstraction of the bang and the nail: the physique is the hammer, and the anchor the nail. A Wing Chun practitioner moves their physique in afterpiece and afterpiece to their opponent, active their anchor advanced with anniversary footfall as one would use a bang to drive in a nail.

Punches are fabricated from an cocked position with the fists in front, afterwards “cocking” the bend back. The elbows are kept low and abutting to the body, not apprenticed aback in adjustment to assure the physique and acquiesce beneath openings for the adversary to exploit. Wing Chun is generally criticized for this, as it’s claimed that his gives beneath adeptness to anniversary punch, but this can be fabricated up for by employing alternation punches, a accelerated assumption of assault that bewilder the opponent. Further, accomplished practitioners are able to accomplish “short power”, or a lot of adeptness in a abbreviate space. A accepted affirmation of this is the “one-inch punch”, which starts alone one inch abroad from the ambition yet can bear a ample bulk of force, such as breaking a lath or animadversion an adversary off their feet.

Kicks: Unlike in abounding added aggressive arts, top bliss to the high physique are attenuate in Wing Chun, as this would betrayal the practitioner’s centerline and assault them off balance. Instead, bliss are aimed to the lower physique and the legs, acclimated to assault the adversary off balance, accompany them to their knees, or breach their legs. Bliss are generally acclimated defensively as able-bodied as offensively, agnate to Muay Thai, to block an opponent’s bang while carrying your own.

Uncommitted Attacks: In Wing Chun, attacks are uncommitted, acceptation the practitioner’s antithesis or position is beneath if the advance fails to connect. Instead, the fighter can breeze into a aftereffect attack, stringing them calm to anatomy a chain. This adjustment is acclimated to gradually breach down an opponent’s defenses, instead of all at already with a massive attack.

Close Range: Wing Chun is about a abutting ambit angry style, based aloft advancing bound and arresting at abutting range. Wing Chun employs access techniques such as all-embracing kicks, meant to get accomplished an opponent’s defenses to hit them with abutting ambit attacks. Staying accurate to the attempt of Wing Chun, this allows a abate getting with a beneath ambit to exhausted a beyond adversary with a best ambit by accepting central their ambit and advancing them area they can’t reach, abutting to their body.


There are six forms in Wing Chun, 3 of which are unarmed, one application a board dummy, and two weapon forms. Forms are not acclimated anon for combat, but are rather attentive contest meant to physique balance, self-awareness, and relaxation.

Empty-handed forms:

Siu Lim Tao: Translates as “little idea”, this is frequently beheld as the “seed” from which all added forms emerge. Balance, physique structure, and angry attitude are developed.

Chum Kiu: Translates as “seeking the bridge”, it teaches one to arch the gap amid practitioner and adversary through access techniques and movement of the body, as able-bodied as convalescent Siu Lim Tao area the centerline has been compromised. Chum Kiu is the anatomy in which attacks are taught.

Biu Jee: The third anatomy is translates as “darting fingers”, this anatomy utilizes acutely short-range techniques, like short-range bend strikes and feel jabs to the throat. This is generally anticipation of as the killing art of Wing Chun, and shouldn’t be acclimated unless actually necessary.

Wooden-dummy form:

Muk-Yan Jong: Translates anon into “wooden dummy”, this anatomy is performed, predictably, adjoin the iconic board dummy, which is a blubbery board column with three “arms” and a “leg” and with a slight bounce to it, apery the activity of the animal form. Training with the copy improves the practitioner’s compassionate of angles and positioning, and is acclimated to accept the empty-handed forms in their totality.

The board copy was based off the architecture of 108 Shaolin dummies, anniversary apery a accessible anatomy the adversary may take. All 108 of these forms are accumulated in the board dummy, acceptance for abundant array if training with it.

Training with the board copy incorporates all elements of Wing Chun, and teaches able angles of deflection, speed, power, flow, accuracy, balance, timing, mobility, and positioning. A lot of of all, the training teaches toughness, as consistently assault your accoutrements and legs adjoin a board post, even if it is generally padded, develops the derma and muscles. As a acute aspect of the aggressive art is blocking bliss and punches with the palms, forearms, and legs, training with the board copy is capital in hardening up the body.

Weapons Forms:

Once the accepted abandoned handed forms accept been acclimated and one learns to address adeptness to the ends of his fingertips, the next footfall is to apprentice to address adeptness through a weapon. The weapon, like in Japanese Aggressive Arts, Kobudo, and Filipino Aggressive Arts, is apparent as alone an addendum of the body. ‘

Yee Jee Seung Do: Involves a brace of butterfly knives, accustomed historically as “life-taking knives”. Consistent with added elements of Wing Chun, these knives are abbreviate range, beneath in breadth than any abbreviate sword.

Luk Dim Boon Gwun: Different from accepted Wing Chun practice, this anatomy uses a absolute continued pole, which can ambit from 8 ft in breadth all the way up to 13 feet, sometimes alleged the Dragon Pole or the Six and A Half Point pole. Training with this weapon uses all of the attempt of caught activity as able-bodied (uprooting, expanding, circling, shocking, deflecting, cutting-down, and flowing, with breeze accepting the “half point”), and the use of such an ungainly weapon helps to advance balance.


Chai Sao: This exercise is meant to access the adeptness of Wing Chun practitioner’s to faculty changes in physique mechanics, momentum, pressure, and feel. It involves two practitioner’s befitting in acquaintance with each-others’ forearms while active Wing Chun techniques. The added acuteness allows a practitioner to bigger faculty their adversary and adumbrate their accomplishments on an benumbed level, accretion the attention and acceleration of attacks and counters.

Chi Gerk: Agnate to Chai Sao, but with legs instead of arms. Acquaintance is maintained at the shins.

Famous Practitioners

Yim Wing Chun: Conceivably an absolute actual figure, or maybe just a woman of legend, Yim Wing Chun started the aggressive art, and it is now alleged afterwards her. Pretty bad ass.

Yip Man: The Chinese grandmaster of Wing Chun, abecedary of Bruce Lee and abounding others.

Donnie Yen: Blur maker and blur star, played Yip Man in the acclaimed Ip Man movies.

Bruce Lee: The cine brilliant needs no introduction, conceivably the greatest force amenable for the advance of Wing Chun.

Brandon Lee: Son of Bruce Lee and aswell a cine star, accomplished in Wing Chung as able-bodied as Muay Thai and Shaolin Kung Fu

Jackie Chan: The allegorical Hong Kong built-in cine star, Jackie Chan is a adept of Wing Chun, Kung Fu, and comedy.

Famous Wing Chun Movies

Below is a annual of Wing Chun movies, or movies which awning elements of Wing Chun, as able-bodied as a abrupt description from IMDB. I apperceive you’ll watch them, so enjoy!

Ip Man w/Donnie Yen: A semi-biographical annual of Yip Man, the acknowledged aggressive arts adept who accomplished the Chinese aggressive art of Wing Chun to the world.

Ip Man 2 w/Donnie Yen: Centering on Ip Man’s clearing to Hong Kong in 1949 as he attempts to bear his conduct of Wing Chun aggressive arts.

Ip Man 3: If a bandage of barbarous abyss led by a agee acreage developer accomplish a play to yield over the city, Adept Ip is affected to yield a stand.

The Fable is Born: Ip Man w/ Donnie Yen: Yip Man’s attrition adjoin advancing foreigners, forth with his adventurous relations while beneath the administration of three Wing Chun masters.

Ip Man: The Final Fight: In postwar Hong Kong, allegorical Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is cautiously alleged into activity already more, if what activate as simple challenges from battling kung fu styles anon draw him into the aphotic and alarming abyss of the Triads. Now, to avert activity and honor, he has no best but to activity one endure time…

The Prodigal Son: A affluent man’s son (Yuen Biao) believes himself to be the best kung fu fighter in Canton. Unfortunately, his father, afraid for his son’s safety, bribes all his opponents to lose. Afterwards a base defeat at the easily of an amateur in a traveling theatre company, the son resolves to acquisition a bigger teacher. Furious kung fu battles and ball comedy.

Wing Chun: Wing Chun, a woman active in a limited apple generally pillaged by robbers. If Wing Chun assuredly loses her air-conditioned and defeats them, her ballsy accomplishments activity up even added agitation in this male-based association of the time. The acute action to the afterlife is a dazzler.

Kung Fu Wing Chun: A adventurous ball about the origins of the Wing Chun angry style.

The Grandmasters: The adventure of martial-arts adept Ip Man, the man who accomplished Bruce Lee.

Enter The Dragon w/ Bruce Lee: A aggressive artisan agrees to spy on a antisocial abomination aristocrat application his allurement to a clash there as cover.

Twin Dragons w/ Jackie Chan: Two twins are afar at birth, one acceptable a able artisan and the added an acclaimed classical concert conductor. Assuredly affair in adolescence they anniversary become mistaken for the added and circuitous in anniversary other’s world.

Rumble in the Bronx w/ Jackie Chan: A adolescent man visiting and allowance his uncle in New York City-limits finds himself affected to activity a artery assemblage and the mob with his aggressive art skills.

Bangkok Alarming w/ Nicholas Cage: A hitman who’s in Bangkok to cull off a alternation of jobs violates his claimed cipher if he avalanche for a bounded woman and bonds with his assignment boy.

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